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LPN Program
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1. What are the requirements to be admitted into the LPN Program and what are the requirements which need to be completed for graduation?
1. Completed Adult Education Application Packet
2. Resume
3. Official transcripts for English composition (Grade of C or higher) and Intermediate Algebra (Grade of C or higher) (must be submitted; and if available, submit transcripts for Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Human Biology and Anatomy and Physiology I and II.

4. Successful completion of entrance test.
5. Official high school transcript, GED certificate.

Requirement prior to graduation is:
Introduction to Psychology (grade C or better)

2. How do I register for the Entrance Test?
Go to the Test Registration Information Webpage.

3. What does it cost to attend the LPN Program?
The total program tuition costs are only $11,550 for the day program. Introduction to Psychology course is $700. Books, uniforms and supplies are approximately $1,600.
* Tuition is subject to change.

4. Is financial aid available?

Yes. Pell Grants and Veterans Education Benefits are available to eligible students.  The CTHSS is an approved agency honoring veteran GI Bill education benefits awarded by the U.S. Veterans Administration.  The CTHSS financial aid application package can be downloaded at: http://www.cttech.org/AdultED/index-Financial-Aid.htm Students can apply for financial aid now.

5. What does the LPN job forecast look like?
Employment of LPN’s is expected to grow faster than average for all health occupations through 2014 in response to the long-term care needs of an increasing elderly population and the general growth of health care services. Replacement needs will be a major source of job openings, as many workers are expected to leave the occupation permanently.

6. Will I be able to continue my studies towards an RN degree after completing the LPN Program?
Absolutely.  The Connecticut Technical High School System and the Connecticut Community Colleges have partnered together to provide graduating LPN students an opportunity to complete their studies towards becoming a Registered Nurse.  LPNs with a current Connecticut LPN license are encouraged to apply to the Connecticut - Community College Nursing Program (CT-CCNP). Students who are admitted to the CT-CCNP will meet with an advisor to determine their recommended placement within the program.  LPN’s who are recommended to begin in the program’s third semester will need to complete all required general education courses of the first year of the CT-CCNP with a grade of C or higher, as well as successfully complete both the Charter Oak State College Connecticut LPN Transition Bridge course and college-based CT-CCNP LPN transition course.

7. If I previously applied to a Community College RN Program and I already took the prerequisite college courses and the TEAS Test, do I have to take the TEAS Test again?
Only results from the 5.0 version of the TEAS test will be considered for admission. If you want your TEAS test results sent to the LPN program, please verify that the test version is 5.0. Test results must be sent from the test company to the LPN program site. The TEAS 5.0 scores must be from the past 3 years.

8. What is the Schedule for the LPN Program which will be offered over the next two years?
The day schedule for the programs are:
The next class begins in August, 2015 and completion is in January, 2017. The next class begins in January, 2017.

9. Upon graduation from the LPN program, how do I get a license to become an LPN?
Upon successful completion of the LPN program, the student obtains a certificate of completion and is eligible to take the Connecticut NCLEX-PN Licensing examination.

Section 19A-14 of the Connecticut General Statutes authorizes the Department of Public Health to deny licensure to applicants who may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, those who have been disciplined in other states or those who have been convicted of a felony.

10. What are the LPN completion requirements that are required to obtain a certificate of completion?
Students must pass all theory classes with a grade of 75 or higher and must pass all clinical courses. The program length is 18 months.

11. How do I get a transcript from a foreign college translated?
Please go to the following website for agencies that translate foreign transcripts:http://www.sde.ct.gov/sde/cwp/view.asp?a=2613&q=321296

12. What can I do if I have more questions?
Please e-mail Patricia.Fennessy@ct.gov.


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