~/assets/uploads/images/Faculty/Faculty.jpgWelcome to the faculty page. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about PowerTeacher, Professional Learning and any other information that is important for our faculty to know.  

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Faculty and Staff:

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Information
Families First Coronavirus Response Act Q&A

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Faculty & Staff Handbook

CTECS Employee Intranet

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PowerTeacher Tips and Tricks:

  • To change your password click on Personalize on the left menu.
  • Click on the Help Menu to learn more about a Gradebook feature you’d like to use.
  • Go to powerschool.cthss.cen.ct.gov/teachers to access PowerSchool from home.
  • Remember to open your Attendance section and click Submit so each student is marked present.
  • To view a student’s attendance for the current term or year-to-date, use the Quick Lookup screen in the backpack icon.

Report Card Teacher Comments

Grade Setup Tutorial

Gradebook Categories and Terms Tutorial

iPad PowerTeacher Setup Tutorial

Navigation Bar Tutorial

Scoresheet Tutorial

Quick Reference Card Tutorial

Taking Attendance Tutorial

Custom Naming Tutorial

Other applications:

Renaissance Learning Link

PS Enrollment

Frontline Application Suite